HTTP 2016

HIMTI(Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Informatika) Togetherness and Top Performance, known as HTTP, is an event to welcome new School of Computer Science students every year. For HTTP 2016, it was held on Saturday, September 10th 2016 at BPPT II Building Auditorium 3rd floor, Central Jakarta. The theme for HTTP 2016 is Passion, Innovation, and Togetherness.

First we had a registration before we entered the Auditorium. After the registration finished, we entered the Auditorium and we watched Zootopia film until 9 a.m. The event began a few minutes after Zootopia ended. It started with a robot mascot performance for a few minutes and followed by a band performance named Peanut Butter, from BINUSIAN 2020.

Then there were speeches from Martin Arlando Teng (as the Head of HTTP 2016), Jonathan Gozali (as the President in HIMTI Kemanggisan), Rionaldo Aureri Linggautama (as the President in HIMTI Alam Sutera), and Fredy Purnomo, S.Kom, M.Kom (as the Dean in School of Computer Science BINUS University).

After all of the speeches ended, there was a video about the keys of success life, presented by Andreas Chang, MBA. , as the Vice Rector, Student Affairs and Community Development at BINUS University.

After that, there was a solo singer, performed by Adam (BINUSIAN 2018). After solo singer performance, there was a game, and after that we had a break (Ishoma) from 10:50 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.

After the break ended, the event started back with a talkshow. The talkshow speakers were the alumni of BINUS (if I’m not wrong, they’re BINUSIAN 2016, I don’t remember their names) who created an application that can detect someone’s personality by checking his/her tweets on Twitter.

After that, there was another game, and then continued by Visualization (a drama about HIMTi). Visualization was the most time-taking in HTTP 2016, but interesting.

After that, there was a second break time, approximately from 15:10 p.m. to 16:30 p.m. After the second break time ended, the event started back with revolution dance, and then continued with Vibing High (a band) that brought pop song.

After that, there was legalization for new School of Computer Science students, to wore their university jacket together. After the legalization, there was DJ performance. Many of the students were jumping, going around the center of Auditorium.

And that’s the end of HTTP 2016! We had a good time there.

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